WE organization is actively developing various projects in order to tackle Xenophobia, build bonds and promote social inclusion.

WE organization is committed to breaking barriers &  building bridges through the power of dialogue and ‘understanding via interaction’. 

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Who WE are

Adel AlBaghdadi (1990), born & raised in Damascus –Syria. I went to Law School to pursue my dream of becoming a diplomat or working in one of the international humanitarian organizations and contributing to world Peace Building. After a long, risky, physically & emotionally tough journey, I arrived in 2015 to the Netherlands where I’m fortunately enjoying the safety and the freedom.

“Social changemaker”, that’s how I boldly call myself; because I make the daily conscious decision to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I am a firm believer in possibilities. I believe in a better future, and I’m determined to create it. For that reason, I founded WE Organization.

My personal experience isn’t about what happened to me, it’s about who I became because of it. It’s believing in my dreams and facing my fears that allow me to live my life beyond limits. Fortunately, I found my “WHY” and shared it with the whole world in this TEDx Talk.

What WE do

WE Organization fulfills its purpose through: Educational/Training and Consulting work. This comes in form of:

  • Talks/presentations

  • Workshops/co-creation sessions

  • Tailormade programs

Aiming at fusing society around the concept of ‘understanding through interaction’, WE Organization has implemented several projects and programs with (Schools, Universities, Companies, NGO’s, and Governmental Agencies).

WE are the Refugees

WE organization is keen on addressing society’s most relevant themes of xenophobia and populism by connecting refugees with their hosting communities through the power of conversation.

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WE are the Elderly

WE Organization believes in reaching out to all members of society by providing a platform for cultural exchange. WE Organization facilitates social ‘get-together’ events for and with (Dutch) elderly, aspiring to convey cultures through food, music and entertainment.

WE are the Labels

WE Organization offers a safe & supportive space for challenging prejudice. It proposes a re-thinking of stereotypes and a search for identities beyond them. WE ARE THE LABELS is about sharing real-life stories of those who have been negatively labeled/stigmatized by society, in order to reveal the real human side of them. 

Why WE do it

Differences can lead us to designate certain groups as “OTHER” and less than fully human. To go forward, there has to be an awareness and understanding. We must first identify the walls that keep us apart and then knock them down; so we can move together into a better future.

WE envisions an inclusive society that embraces, celebrates and values cultural diversity. Society belongs to all of us. Differences – whether in age, ethnicity, gender, ability, religion or sexual orientation – are welcome, as they bring valuable new perspectives and approaches.

Established in 2016 by Adel AlBaghdadi, WE organization is a socially-driven and action-oriented initiative dedicated to helping cultivate moral and cultural values in the society.